What Men Really Want From A Relationship

Denise Brienne

It’s that time again: The dreaded first date. You have high hopes and expectations, but guess what? So does the lucky man who gets to spend time with you. He has a lot of dreams and hopes for the evening, and not all of them – contrary to popular belief! – end with getting you in bed.

In fact, let’s debunk that little myth right now, shall we?

If a man is taking you out on a bona-fide date, the odds are that he wouldn’t turn down sex on the first date, but he’s not expecting it, either. A man who simply wants to get you into bed and nothing more will probably skip the first date altogether and try to find a woman who wants the same things he wants, to simply “scratch an itch” and be done with it. And let’s be honest: Friends with benefits and one-night stands are easy to come by for most guys.

But a man who takes you out on a date, takes the time to wine and dine you, and makes a point of getting to know you is a man who probably will be okay with nothing more than a sweet goodnight kiss at the end of the evening.

So now that the sex myth is out of the way, what about the other things about first dates? Do they always have to be awkward? Do they always have to feel like a job interview? Is there anything you can say or do that will make him want to run the other way, and is there anything you can say or do that will make him fall head over heels in love with you? Is there any way to tell, before you go out with a man, what the date will be like?

And beyond the first date, what then? So much emphasis is placed on the first date, but no one ever talks about the second or third date – unless they are discussing when it’s okay to have sex with a guy for the first time! The second date and the third date can be just as intimidating, because now the nervousness about “first times” is gone, but the worries about getting the timing for sex right have come into play.

What do men expect of you, anyway?

That’s what this book is all about. We will talk about the things men expect on that first date, how they want the second date to go, and the third, and beyond that. We will talk about when it’s okay to have sex with him for the first time, and when it’s a really bad idea. We’ll talk about how to spot a date that is going wrong, and how to say no – politely – when he asks for that second go-round.

So here’s what men expect, from the first date and beyond!