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Writing Tools Every Writer Needs in Their Arsenal

Writing has been a part of human culture from the days of petroglyphs, and as we have evolved, so have our writing tools. Today’s writers and storytellers have countless choices... Continue Reading

How to Write a Marketing Plan for a Book?

Publishing a novel is a huge step in your writing career, but it can also be very difficult. If you are a newly published author or have never had your... Continue Reading

How to Earn Extra Money as a Writer with Patreon?

Content creators are always looking for the next new way to up their game in the industry. With new trends and platforms continuing to pop up all over the place,... Continue Reading

How to Edit a Book: A Guide to Self-Editing

Self Editing your book should be a part of your writing process no matter what. Anyone can get their book published and printed these days, and technically they aren’t required... Continue Reading